Be An Enforcer!

by Jon Kliment

Today the Enforcers took the next step in their inaugural season as they announced their very first free agent camp to take place Friday October 12ththrough Sunday the 14th


The camp will cost $299 and includes hotel (shared accommodations), meals, two practices, and three games. The Enforcers need 17 players and are looking to bring players from the free agent camp to their main camp and remind you that locals are welcomed.


Head Coach Brent Clarke encouraged people to come out and take a shot with the newest FHL team. “We are looking for talented players with skill and toughness. It’s about finding the right pieces to the puzzle. That’s always the way I’ve thought about it. You don’t always need the best players, you need the right ones.” 


Owner Robbie Nichols has seen success with these camps before. “We’ve had free agent camps in the past and we’re just hoping for those surprises. Those kids who dream of playing pro hockey and then show up and surprise you. We have had success with these camps in the past including Daniel Veenema who played for the Jackals. We’re looking for the diamond in the rough.” When asked about the type of players needed to compete at this level Nichols echoed his head coach “Hard-nosed competitors and team guys. When a team is together everyone achieves more. So, we are really looking for team guys”


Interested participants can sign up via the Enforcers website