ESPN takes notice of our logo!

by Jon Kliment

ESPN's Greg Wyshynski released a story today on ESPN about Hockey Enforcers today on In his article he highlighted the new Elmira Enforcers team logo. Check it out below.

Hockey Enforcers

Elmira, New York, is getting a franchise in the Federal Hockey League one year after the ECHL's Jackals folded after 17 seasons. As is tradition, they held a "name the team" contest. The winning nickname?

The Elmira Enforcers.

Oh, did my eyes do a 360 when I read that name. It's 2018. Fighting is at an all-time low all around hockey. While a certain amount of knuckle-dragging and fisticuffs are expected in the bush leagues, this just seemed a bit trite in the current climate.

But then I saw the logo:

All is forgiven.

The Elmira Enforcers are, in fact, named in honor of local law enforcement. "I have always been a huge fan of law enforcement and police officers," said owner Robbie Nichols told the Star Gazette. "I just thought it was a way to give back, especially to our correctional officers. There's a lot of them in the area and we want to be known as the Elmira Enforcers. We're not the bad guys who are going to beat you up; we're the good guys."

The cop was modeled after Nichols, whose daughter designed the logo. According to the Gazette, Robbie joked "the mustache was a bit exaggerated while the arm was a little small."

I can't tell you how much I love that this logo now exists. You can keep your bears and your dogs and your bear-dogs and all your other team mascots. Elmira has been blessed with a burly man in a way-too-tight police officer's costume, with a mustache that puts Lanny MacDonald to shame, tossing his skates over his shoulder like a sassy hitchhiker.

It's tremendous.